About Us

HomeMatters Alliance started with a simple idea: to serve our clients the best we can.
Ever since Kevin Franklin can remember, he had his hand in construction. His father did small construction jobs on the weekends when Kevin was a kid. He and his brother Keith helped their dad. Their father gave them increasing amounts of responsibility and before long, Kevin knew how to work on almost everything his dad did.

In college, Kevin studied Construction Management at Bradley University. When he graduated in 1980, he went to work for a commercial contractor as a project manager and estimator. Missing the ability to connect directly with the clients he served, Kevin started his own business doing all types of residential and commercial remodeling.

After eight years of growing his company, Kevin realized he was spending less time with his clients and more time with the business. He decided to merge his business with another company so he could focus more on working with his clients. After many years of success and more growth, Kevin again realized he was part of a larger organization that did not allow him the freedom to meet all the needs of his clients. He felt a need to offer his clients more than what his current company offered, so he sold his business of 18 years and began HomeMatters Alliance in 2007.

He wanted get back to what made him the happiest, to help his clients with all their needs on their home. By taking time to listen and getting to know his clients needs, Kevin is able to solve many of his client’s problems in ways they’ve never imagined.

“If you just put better cabinets in the same place where the old cabinets were, you may not be solving the basic problem in the first place,” says Kevin. “It may look better, but it won’t serve you any better than the old ones.”

Many of Kevin’s clients have followed him through the years. To many, he’s their ‘go to’ guy. No matter how big or small, whether a small repair or a large addition, HomeMatters is the first call they make.